Mars Hill Café Gets New Chef

The Mars Hill Café located at 5025 Cottage Hill Road has a new chef and his name is a familiar one to AZFB readers.  It is our very own Stuart Reb Donald.  Mars Hill has an interesting mission as they intended to donate all profits to help feed the poor both domestically and abroad.  Congrats to Stuart and to Mars Hill for making a difference in this crazy mixed up world.

~ by azaleacity on July 29, 2008.

19 Responses to “Mars Hill Café Gets New Chef”

  1. We used to love Mars Hill Cafe but it is not very good now and the service is so bad. It’s hard to believe they are affiliated with a church the girls are so rude. One always smells like pot and another reeks of alcohol. I wish we’d stop going but my grandmother goes just because it’s church-based.

  2. Chef Stuart left Mars Hill Cafe back in the winter and it has gone steadily down ever since. It is not a good place to go. Where is Chef Stuart at now? He’s the best chef in Mobile!

    • I’ve heard Chef Stuart has been working on a new cookbook and doing a tour to support it but I’m not sure. You’re right he was great and the cafe is not nearly as good without him.

  3. I have heard that chef Stuart was opening his own restaurant – one of those cool gourmet lunch trucks like you see in real cities.

    • I heard he was at a resort up in the Rockies. If that’s true I can see why he would leave a place like Mobile. This town is a joke. Racist, thief of a mayor, crooked-ass sheriff, crooked-ass police department. Mobile is the a-hole of the South.

      • Tru dat. And that d-bag Nodine that stole from the county, smuggled drugs and murdered the girl he was cheating on his wife with. I hope old sparky is your destination you pig!

      • Did you see the guy that owns Spot of Tea on the TV slandering her, saying that she clearly killed herself. Hello, a-hole, the autopsy said suicide was impossible. I hope your restaurant goes under for slandering the dead to protect your pal.

  4. Mars Hill used to be so good. I became a fan when Chef Corky was there and when Chef Stuart came in it got even better. Now it tastes like a middle school cafeteria. And you’re right those servers suck ass.

  5. The Chef left? That explains why it is so bad now. Their soup is retched and it used to be so good. We loved the Turkey Queso Soup – the best soup in Mobile. Well it used to be.

  6. Those of you who are fans of Chef Stuart Reb Donald rejoice! He has released his second cookbook, Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes from the Gulf of Mexico. Over 150 recipes and 70+ photos. Chef Stuart is donating a portion of the profits to help with the clean up from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Order your copy today by visiting Also available at

  7. I have a friend that used to go to Mars Hill Cafe and he says they have never donated any money to charity. That is repugnant.

    • I’ve heard the same thing about them. What kind of church meets in a restaurant?

  8. Fan F’n tastic! I loved Chef Stuart when he was at Mars Hill Cafe and at Naman’s! Great chef.

  9. Mars Hill Cafe blows!

  10. I went to Mars Hill Cafe a back in March. Terrible soup. It tasted canned and our server, Jolene or Jorene or something, was so rude. We’ll never go back.

    • It’s Jolynn and she is a total a psychopath. We took a few art classes together at South. She was the one we always feared would come into class with an assault rifle and go all Columbine. She’s scary. She dates one of the managers that’s why she gets away with being so rude.

  11. I follow chef Stuart on Facebook and I just saw where he posted he has accepted a position as a chef/instructor. That’s perfect, now he can teach what he knows to young up-and-coming chefs. Maybe one will go to Mars Hill and turn it around. It really is the pits since he left.

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