Review: Neighbors Seafood & Chicken

I have been living on the south end of Mobile County now for two years and I finally made it over to Tilman’s Corner to try Neighbors Seafood & Chicken.

Friends and family both have long applauded this local staple and for good reason.  I found the atmosphere a little sterile but the food more than made up for it.  Though I was dining too late to take advantage of the all-you-can-eat catfish and flounder I did order a seafood combo with both fish plus fried oysters to boot with o-rings and red beans and rice.

I expected two fillets, one of each fish and three oysters along with the obligatory breaded onions so prevalent these days and a spicy mix of Louisiana long grain rice and red beans.  Quite reasonable for the price.  What arrived was what the Italians call frutti di mare, the fruit of the sea.

There were two catfish fillets and three of flounder.  Also hidden under the catfish were the three oysters, no wait four!  Make that five perfectly fried oysters.  The fillets were fresh and crispy.  The red beans and rice did not stand up to the rest of the meal; they tasted like canned beans and steamed rice with no seasoning.  The onion rings, by contrast, were the stuff of legend – the real deal.  Also underneath the fried bounty was a small handful of fries, presumably there to absorb any extra oil but they were consumed regardless.  The plate was accompanied by two hush-puppies and a solitary fried crab claw.  I do not know if the claw was a fortuitous faux pas or lagniappe but it I do know it was yummy.

There is one criticizm of Neighbor’s, their drive-thru is the slowest ever.  Figure on 10 minutes per car in line.  If you are the only customer you will be there 10 minutes.  If there are two cars in front of you then you will be there for 30 minutes, five cars = an hour.  The drive-thru is so slow that they really should discount the menu prices or include a $5 dollar gas card.

Other than the drive-thru, the service is prompt and amiable and as asserted above the food is terrific.  I will defintely put this on my list of quality spots.

Neighbors Seafood & Chicken
5830 Three Notch Rd
Mobile, AL 36619
(251) 661-1365

~ by Stuart Reb Donald on March 10, 2009.

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