Miranda’s Writes: Avoid the Corporate Grind

Bully Pulpit time.

Mobileans, you have got to stop eating at these cookie cutter chain restaurants that have taken over our fine city.  It is a sad testament that the busiest restaurant in the city is the Olive Garden.  It is not locally owned nor is it a very good restaurant.  The management staff cares nothing for the customer and that is evident in the service.  But the OG is not the only chain restaurant that takes the customer for granted.

Applebee’s is one of the worst chains in the country particularly with regards to the quality of their food.  If they used any cheaper ingredients they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it.  That’s not allegory; the proteins they use are one grade above prison food.  The stores in Mobile are owned by a franchisee out of Lincoln, NE that was forced by Applebee’s corporate to purchase the Mobile market in order to buy the lucrative beach restaurants along the Florida panhandle.  The Mobile stores are treated like step-children often having their maintenance needs ignored for years in order to sink the money into the Florida stores.

There are some chains that are not pure crap, Macaroni Grill and Zea’s come to mind.  But with this economy and Mobile’s unemployment rate being higher than the national average it doesn’t make since to send our money out of Mobile.  Sure part of your money stays here when you dine at the chains but most of it ends up in Lincoln, Orlando, Dallas, or New York.  When you dine at locally owned restaurants 100% of the money stays in the Mobile economy.

Miranda’s Writes


~ by azaleacity on April 28, 2010.

One Response to “Miranda’s Writes: Avoid the Corporate Grind”

  1. I hate Olive Garden. You can keep your mediocre salad and crappy bread sticks.

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