Miranda’s Writes: Tony Moore & Steve Nodine

Bully Pulpit time.

You would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and dead not to know about the troubles of Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.  Allegations of drug use, illegal firearms, mismanagement of county funds and worst of all the murder of mistress Angel Downs on May 9th.  This after his feigned mayoral bid last year where he pulled out of the election at the 11th hour leaving unpopular Mobile City Mayor Sam Jones unopposed – the whole deal smelled of bribery and perhaps that will come out in one the many trials awaiting Nodine.

It is a sorted affair that is gaining national attention.  No doubt it will soil our fine city one night on one of those news magazines like 48 Hours.  But I am not here to preach about the “alleged” douche baggery of Steve Nodine.

Nope this rant is about Nodine’s good friend Tony Moore, owner of the Spot of Tea, a popular eatery downtown.  Moore has been quite vocal in his support for his buddy Steve Nodine.  I have no problem with that; as distasteful as it may seem that is the job of a friend – to stand by his friends.  I have no problem with Moore’s fund-raising endeavors to compile the bail to get Nodine out of jail – again, he’s just being a friend.

My issue with Tony Moore stems from his muckraking of Angel Downs.  Repeatedly Moore has claimed that Downs committed suicide even after forensics and autopsy reports have said suicide was impossible.  Support your friend, no matter how sleazy he is, fine.  But do not ever slander a person who cannot defend herself from the grave and whose family and friends are in mourning to protect one of your lowlife friends.

I have long enjoyed lunching at the Spot of Tea but I will never go again.  Not as long as Tony Moore owns it.

Miranda’s Writes

~ by azaleacity on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Miranda’s Writes: Tony Moore & Steve Nodine”

  1. I hope they all rot in hell. Politicians suck.

  2. I’ve read that some people plan to boycot Spot of Tea over this story. To be honest I don’t think these people care about what customers think.

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